Where to Eat in San Francisco

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Eating is one of my favorite things to do, especially while traveling. I love eating new foods, finding cool local places, and trying unique desserts. San Francisco was a foodie’s delight, with tons of local options (seriously…it’s pretty hard to find a chain restaurant unless it’s fast food or you’re in the tourist neighborhoods). Every meal I ate was spectacular, and I’m looking forward to going back to try even more cool restaurants.

San Franciscans love their brunch, so this was something we did several times on our trip. Our first stop was Dobb’s Ferry (409 Gough St. San Francisco, CA 94102), a super-cute spot in Hayes Valley with great brunch and bottomless mimosas/peach bellinis (you get to switch back and forth if you want!). I got the Chicken & Bacon Waffle Benedict, which was two pieces of delicious buttermilk-fried chicken, half of a Belgian waffle filled with bacon & cheddar cheese, and sunny-side up eggs. The chicken was oh-so-good, and the waffle was fluffy and delicious. The best part was the bottomless mimosas – they were constantly coming to refill our glasses, so it was hard to keep track of how many we’d had! My only complaint was that it only came with half of a waffle. I was so hungry that I probably could’ve eaten a whole one!

If you’re looking at another great brunch spot, you’ve got to check out Stacks Restaurant (501 Hayes St. San Francisco, 94117). Upon arrival, I thought this place would be a bust, since their apparently delicious biscuits & gravy (weekend special only…get there early!) were sold out. After combing through the menu to find a separate option, I settled on the Chocolate Divine Belgian waffle with a side of bacon and potatoes. While it wasn’t biscuits and gravy, the waffle was fluffy and chocolatey, the bacon was crisp, and the potatoes were seriously some of the best breakfast potatoes I’ve ever had. I only had Stacks for brunch, but their dinner menu sounded fabulous too, so it’s at the top of my list for my next San Francisco getaway.

Stacks Restauant Brunch…Chocolate Divine Belgian waffle, bacon, potatoes, and fresh orange juice!

Southern comfort food is something that I’ve always associated with the south, and I never would’ve expected the west coast to have comfort food that rivaled what I can get at home. I was surprised, however, when I found Eureka Restaurant & Lounge (4063 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94114). First off, I just want to say that I highly recommend making reservations for dinner here. We had a reservation, and we still had to wait a while since the place was so busy. We started out with drinks in the bar while we were waiting for our table, and I had a Raspberry Kiss. The drinks here are a bit pricy, but they’re delicious and they’re strong. After getting seated, I decided to order their meatloaf, which was superb. It had a very strong pepper taste, which I really enjoyed. And although I didn’t try it, their pot roast is supposed to be the best around.

Meatloaf from Eureka. It was soooo good!

If you know me, you know I’m OBSESSED with Mexican food. I eat it multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. One of my must-do’s for San Francisco was to check out a local Mexican place. Enter Nick’s Crispy Tacos (1500 Broadway at Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109): a taco joint and bar located in an old nightclub (red velvet and chandeliers EVERYWHERE!). My friends and I ordered so much food here, since everything sounded so good. I started with a pineapple mojito for Mojito Monday ($5 mojitos, $15 pitchers), and ordered a fish taco and a fried chicken taco (order them the special Nick’s Way: a taco with two shells (one crispy, one soft), jack cheese, and guacamole (they put A LOT), a grilled chicken quesadilla, and elote. The tacos and quesadilla were great, but OH MY GOD the elote was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. If you don’t know what elote is, it’s delicious Mexican corn on the cob covered in mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, and chili powder. If you go to Nick’s Crispy Tacos, you absolutely must try the elote. A note: the food counter is CASH ONLY, but the bar also accepts cards.

Our very full table of food at Nick’s Crispy Tacos

I’m a nut for macarons, and unfortunately Kentucky doesn’t have a huge selection of macaron bakeries. I always seek out some while traveling, and I found a delicious selection at Chantal Guillon (437 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA 94102) in Hayes Valley. When I visited, they had 16 different flavors, all of which looked and sounded amazing. I tried the red velvet, strawberry milk, and Earl Grey tea macarons, and they were all SO GOOD. I’ve literally been dreaming about these since I left. They also had macaron ice cream sandwiches, which were super cute and most likely delicious.

Strawberry Milk macaron from Chantal Guillon

I don’t have any pictures, because I ate my ice cream so fast, but Mitchell’s Ice Cream (688 San Jose Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110) has the best chocolate ice cream i’ve ever had. It’s super fudgy like the fudge pops you ate as a kid, but it’s still so much better than that. There will most likely be a line, so make sure to step inside and grab a number. They announce the numbers over the loudspeaker to keep track of the line. They have a ton of flavors, including some really unique ones. The flavors change pretty regularly too, so they’re will always be something new to try!

If you’re heading to San Francisco soon and try any of my recommendations, make sure to let me know! If you have any suggestions of your own, let me know in the comments so I can give them a try on my next visit to the Bay City.

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